View Full Version : Dizzyness, low body temperature, brain fog.. is this just vertigo?

11-12-10, 03:20 PM
about 6 months ago i woke up very disorientated, dizzy and having a feeling of being quite detached from reality, almost set back in a haze. these symptoms have persisted and increase when in busy surroundings.
i have chronic brain fog, it feels often like my brain is full of mud and i need to think through it.
i had MRI and CAT scans done which came back negative. i had an ENG which showed signs of brain involvement but these got discounted when the swivel chair balance test was done which was also fully negative.
my docs say i have a vestibular injury with induced visual vertigo. these cover some of my symptoms yes but i feel others like my low body temp of around 96.0 ( was always 98.6 before this started) and disorientation indicate a possible wrong diagnosis.
i have started VRT for the vertigo and 2months in it has made no real difference. Anxiety is a slight problem as i often don't go out because i know i will feel awfull but i firmly believe its not the cause of my problems.

any insights would be greatly appreciated!

thankyou, i just found this site and i'm very happy there is a place where such questions can be raised!

11-12-10, 04:32 PM
Hi and welcome to the site.

I am not sure if the body temperature thing is part of the condition or not. I do know, speaking from my own experience with this that you can get some weird symptoms. I did used to get a feeling of disorienation, a flicker of it I would say and then it seemed to pass. Definitely a good idea to discuss new symptoms with your doctor though

I have done a whole course of VRT with a balance trained physio, and while I did notice a slight improvement within a few weeks I must say for me it took a while longer than this to really turn a corner. It's not a quick fix but given time my experience is that it does fix you. Dont give up on the VRT, physically or mentally would be my advice.

12-12-10, 10:19 PM
Hi Louise,

thanks for the answer, sure im going to keep confident with the VRT i know its a long process and my physio's plan is 6months so its still early days..

is it normal to feel spaced out the whole time then? from what i have read sufferers of VV become dizzy when triggered. my worry is that most of the time, nearly all of the time i feel zoned out..when im walking down the street or getting dressed just to name a few examples its completely different to how it used to be, like the clarity has been stripped almost from any situation.
my balance is fine also, i have no problems walking..
i haven't had any tests that give me a definitive answer, the fact i get dizzy when i have movement around me, use computers, drive etc. is basically all that has led to my diagnosis so i guess im a bit anxious there's an underlying cause..

I shall keep positive though!


13-12-10, 01:14 PM
Have you had your blood pressure taken when sitting and then standing for 20 mins ?

There is a condition called dysautonomia , it causes the body temprature , heart rate and blood pressure to play up. When it effects the blood pressure it can drop low and cause dizziness , especially when standing up right.

A few of us on the site have this condition and it can be managed, once you are diagnosed.

Just an idea.

16-12-10, 02:09 AM
Hypothyroidism can cause low body temperature and dizziness. You might want to ask your doctor about getting tested for it.

08-03-12, 08:42 PM
It sounds like you had an episode of depersonalization disorder that can occur for minutes or years, this has a great affect on you adrenal glands causinf adrenal fatigue. the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism can be very similar itll be best to bee chacked out by a doctor