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28-07-11, 01:10 PM
Hello everyone!

I have been searching for answers for about 8 years now as to the symptoms I have been experiencing. It wasn't until recent that I read about Labyrinthitis and I think a lot of my symptoms fit the bill. I'm just not sure if something like Labyrinthitis is temporary and it gets better within a few months or if it's something that can affect you forever and cause 24/7 symptoms.

I don't really remember too much about how it all started but I remember one day just feeling really foggy and somewhat disoriented. This is a feeling that has never gone away since. I'm

I spent the last 8 years with the following symptoms:

• 24/7 Spaced out feeling, or feeling "always drunk"
• Dizziness (not always room spinning but just enough to not feel right
• Off balance, sometimes I feel like I'm rocking or swaying when I'm sitting/standing still
• Concentration is terrible, I cannot follow conversations, it's overwhelming to my brain
• Feeling of pressure in my head, or like my head is being compressed in a vice
• Eyes feel unfocused or jumpy all the time
• Very lethargic, no energy or stamina... feeling like I'm dragging around cement blocks all day long
• Excessive yawning (some days I swear i yawn 100 times or more)
• Very bothered by busy visual environments and places with bright fluorescent lighting. This makes my symptoms 10x worse.

All these symptoms have seemed to progress over the years, but in February of 2010 something unusual happened. It seemed to start with a bit of a dull earache and I got really dizzy for about 2 months straight… felt really funny… the floor even felt like it was moving when I walked. I went to the hospital a couple of times and they said it was Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and Allergies. I ended up going to a Chiropractor who adjusted my neck. I know that didn’t help immediately but the constant dizziness finally went away, however I developed various new (even more disturbing symptoms).

These are the new symptoms I developed on top of the other ones:

• Eye floaters (I suddenly developed these and not see hundreds of these in my eyes)
• Eye pain (they feel strained and tension like headache across my forehead and into temple area)
• Light sensitivity
• Seeing after images (I can look at some objects and then look away and will still see the object for a few seconds. Mainly car tail lights, text off a computer screen... things like that.
• Tinnitus
• Dull ear ache feeling off and on
• Ears sometimes feel like they need to pop
• Muscle Twitching
• Muscle and joint aches, pains and weakness
• Heat intolerance (the heat makes things 10x worse, I feel much better in cooler environments)

Not sure if this is related or not but I have a long history with chronic nasal stuffiness and always needing to clear my throat. I can usually only breathe out of one side of my nose as one side is always blocked.

Other symptoms which aren’t always present

• Headaches at base of skull which I believed to be Occipital Neuralgia (was getting these daily but now only get them maybe once a week)
• When walking I sometimes feel resistance as if someone is pushing downward on my head
• When I use an elevator now and get off I still feel like I am moving for a couple of minutes
• My arms and legs sometimes feel like their weighted down

Now I know I have a lot of symptoms and some of them may even be seperate issues... the main thing I am wondering about is what has bothered me for the 8 years leading up to the new set of symptoms that I experienced a little over a year ago. Maybe the 2 sets are connected, I really don't know.

Thanks in advance for reading my post and I look forward in hearing your thoughts.

28-07-11, 04:41 PM
I have Vestibular Neuritis which is basically the same thing as Labs. I have almost all of your symptoms. The eye floaters started about one year in to this mess (been dealing with it for 1.5 years now. Have you ever had any testing done for this?

To answer the question of can something like Labs last that long? If it is a bad case, like my VN, it can last for a very, very long time if you do not do any VRT. Labs is not something that will just go away, you need to do exercises that teach your brain how to function normal again. It is called compensation. I have been doing formal VRT for 76 months now. It has not "cured" me yet, but I am doing much better now than I was a year ago. My PT describes it as someone being in a really bad car accident and breaking bones and what not. If they just sit around, they will not heal properly. Instead they need PT where they start out slow, and eventually work their way back to normal. SOmething like this could take months upon years. It is depressing, but when you realize this is the only way you will get better, you realize you might as well do it.

For me, my eyes have been the worst part of this. They always feel stiff and hard to focus. When I turn my head to the right (my affected ear) I get a blur. This has improved with VRT, because I practice that movement daily now. If you stare at an object, keep your eyes locked, and move your head left and right while keeping eyes fixed on the target, do you have difficulty keeping it in focus? This is called gaze stability. Mine was horrible for so long, but now after daily VRT, my gaze has improved vastly. I realize that I might have to deal with this for another year or more, but now that I have an understanding of what is wrong and how to fix it, I am much more accepting.

If you have not had vestibular testing done yet, insist on it. I also suggest finding a Balance Specialist near you. They do exist all over, but you might have to do some digging to find one. You won't regret it.

29-07-11, 04:09 PM
Regarding the eye floaters... were you ever on an anti depressant? I was on one for 9 months to help deal with this junk, and as soon as I started to ween off of it I started noticing the floaters. I have found lots and lots of people online online who develop floaters when coming off of AD's (possibly the chemicals in your brain adapting to not having the drug...). I am convinced that the AD caused my floaters since I had no problems the first year of VN and they started as soon as my ween began. THen again, they could always be part of VN, since I already have the other weird eye stuff going on...

06-09-11, 05:49 PM
Hey, thanks for responding to my post I appreciate it. Sorry I didn't write back sooner, I've not been well enough to spend much time online.

To answer your question about the eye floaters, I've seen the eye doctor a few times and he doesn't see the eye floaters like I do. I see so much more than he does, which suggests they are too close to the retina for them to see. My eyes otherwise are completely healthy.

I just tried what you suggested about the gaze stability and while looking at an object and turning my head to the side I nearly fell out of my chair it made me quite dizzy for a moment. I was also looking at some vestibular rehabilitation exercises on youtube and doing them makes me dizzy as well. I assume for the average person this wouldn't bother them? How would we determine if the problem is inner ear or related to the neck? I often wonder if the 2 can produce the same symptoms.

I've been to my ENT several years ago and he did a hearing test and checked the pressure in my ear but I did not undergo any other testing. I am in Canada so I can't see a doctor without my GP referring me. Do you have any suggestions on who he should refer me to? I have a feeling he would just send me back to the ENT, but that probably isn't the right place to go?

Also, regarding the floaters... I was never on Anti-depressants however I was on benzodiazapines for several years and shortly after the floaters developed I started to wean off and have been off them for over a year now. I also have found a lot of people online who have developed floaters along with some other unusual symptoms. The floaters I have are very unusual in the sense that they are very transparent and large... I see them in great detail, they look like they are made up of cells.

Anyway's... I look forward in hearing back from you. I want to get to the bottom of this. I will check back soon.

Thanks again.

27-12-11, 04:03 PM
I have been trying to find out what is wrong with me for the past few months and doctors are starting to think im crazy. I have all of the symptoms you described. It started out with light ear ringing and progressed until i was dizzy for about 2 months. Thank god the dizziness has completely subsided but I still have the ear ringing and eye floaters (the two symptoms that bother me the most) along with the rest of the symptoms you described. I have gotten multiple blood tests, MRI on my head, seen the ENT, and all of my tests have come back negative. I am still trying to find out what is wrong with me. The only medication I take is oxycodone IR 30mg for a few slipped discs. How old are you may I ask?....If you have made any progress please let me know, I feel your pain. The not being able to know what is causing the symptoms is the worst...

27-12-11, 07:46 PM
jr991, floaters in the eyes are very common with dizziness. the vrt exercises are supposed to make you dizzy while you do them so that the brain will learn to compensate for the false signals its getting.

enewshan, the best doctor to see is a neuro-otologist if possible, they are balance experts and will be able to give you a diagnosis and the right treatment. sometimes you are stuck with tinnitus, dont know why. some folks find playing the radio gently when they are in bed helps them sleep, others try using white noise. I have tinnitus but mine is not very loud, at least not loud very often. most days i can just ignore it. its good your dizziness has gone. hope you get some answers soon

03-01-12, 07:44 PM
It's funny how I thought life was tough with just the vestibular problem I had, but once all this funky eye stuff started about one year in, things got so much worse. I am just as confused as you guys. I am so sure that I have VN as the testing has shown a severe loss on my right side. VRT has helped with a lot of balance issues, but the head fog, tiredness and over all balance is still lousy. I am coming up on my 2 year mark and start to wonder if this will ever get better. As to why all of the sudden I am deathly scared of light being extremely light sensitive, as well as the floaters and Scheerer's Phenomenon that see I when I look at any bright object, I have no idea. They did all start when I weened off an antidepressant, but at the same time it could have to do with VN. The eye stuff has been around for about 10 months now, so it is starting to worry me that it will not ever go away.

As for floaters being a part vestibular problems, I have not found too many people with both problems. I have seen an Opthamologist twice and a Neuropthamologist. Both said my eyes are perfectly healthy and they see no floaters. It makes me feel like the problem is in the central nervous system or somehow a flipped was switched that makes me see everything a little too well, heightening my senses.

I worry about these things all day, every day. Everyone just says give it time, but it is hard living with false hopes. It is so hard to imagine this will ever get better...