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28-02-08, 10:38 PM
Hey All x

Like many dizzy people, I suffer with anxiety!! ((Well, I assume that's what it is !!)) As far back as I can remember, (even as a child), I could get quite anxious. However, I obviously wasn't aware that such a thing as "anxiety" really existed then.

I was just curious as to how everyone elses' anxiety manifests itself...
What symptoms does your anxiety produce?
How do you feel when your anxiety flares up?

Me personally- I feel panicky, worried about everything, worried I have a serious illness that could kill me, worried about what will happen to me in the future...etc etc, (the worrying feelings can be constant & once I'm thinking about it, I can't think about anything else!) I also get phsyical symptoms that I believe to be associated with anxiety, but please tell me if you think they aren't:
- Dizzy (obviously, I suffer with imbalance constantly), but anxiety makes the dizzyness worse. Often when I'm anxious, I get a lightheaded feeling, as though I'm going to pass out.
- Weak! I feel constantly weak, as though I could fall over at any time. My legs often feel very weak and wobbly... as though they don't belong to me. A type of clumbsy feeling, where I don't know where I'm placing my feet. Somedays this can be so bad that I don't want to walk anywhere.
- Shaking. This happens a lot, I have moments where I just seem to tremble for no apparent reason. Looking at me, you&#39;d think I was freezing. I do feel chilly all over when the shaking happens, but I know I&#39;m not cold if that makes any sense style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif I also feel a shake throughout my body, as though I&#39;m trembling inside.
- Odd sensations, as though my legs and arms don&#39;t belong and my skin feels tingly and itchy.
- Neck pain/tension. I&#39;ve suffered with this since I&#39;ve had whiplash but it&#39;s worse when I&#39;m anxious.
- Worried constantly about whether I&#39;m about to have a dizzy moment, or whether I&#39;m going to pass out infront of people.
- Feeling spaced out and sick... as though I&#39;m walking around in a daze, detached from reality, where I just stare into space. I really hate this feeling.

I really hate all these feelings style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/angry.gif, I just wish I could get over it. But the minute it starts, I just can&#39;t calm down. I go off in a panic, terrified I&#39;ve got a serious illness. My parents just think I&#39;m being a hypochondriac style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif

I&#39;d like anyone to share their anxiety experiences & let me know if they think most of my symptoms are anxiety related.
Thanks so much xxx

29-02-08, 12:28 AM
I too have most of the same things happen as you do in regards to your anxiety and I am also a long time sufferer...

When I am in a panic i notice my dizzies become more intense, the muscles in my arms get really hard and tight my fingers cramp up , my legs shake and tremble along with my entire body at most ! They are such awful feelings !

What sets mine off usually is leaving my safe places...... and at this time i am agoraphobic, since the dizzies started ! I always fear the worse , for me I dont like to be far away from home its my comfort spot, When I need to go to the mall (maybe 4 times a year if i can help it lol ) I park at the entrance closest to the store so I can vacate quick if need be !

I too think the worst, and at times I feel like im going crazy , like I should just put myself in the phyche ward and be done with it all, I scare myself to extremes ! They give me pills for this , but most have made me ill ! I took paxil once and it almost paralyzed my body, I was litterally carriend into the clinic and laid out on the floor till my turn, I could not lift my arms or my legs ! I laid there crying I m going to die ! this was extreme and many years ago, but to date now....... meds are very hard for me to swallow ! Everything you are feeling is normal of panic in my opinion ! It runs in my family ! but I am learning, cognitive therapy works !!

Have you ever tried it ? are you taking meds for anxiety ? .........
I feel for you ! but like im always told, its normal and it wont hurt you although yes they are very scary, you can learn to control them and it takes lots of practice..

29-02-08, 07:16 AM
Hi Anz

I can understand that you feel anxious as you don&#39;t have an answer as to what is wrong but aI aloso think that a lot of the symptoms you discribe are not anxiety at all but part of the balance system being of kilter.

Like the tremor feeling in the body,the weak legs ,the tension in the head and neck etc are all to do with the body doing overtime to keep you up straight and been given all the wrong messages.Even the brain part where you feel that the brain is on overload,so that makes thinking straight very difficult.As they thought at one stage that I had a slight mild brain trauma they did all those tests and boy could I not think straight lol,I got the papers to prove it and was at the bottom end percentage wise to normal people.

But as soon as I had my operation that was straight away gone,like a light switch so all that is not anxiety but part of the inner ear disorder.

Worrying about your condition ofcourse can make you anxious but don&#39;t get the two confused as I think is quite easy to do.

I read a lot about how the balance system actually works then a lot of the symptoms are starting to make sense yet we often seem to think the worst and overthink the symptoms.Shame too that specialists etc do not take the time to explain why or what certain symptoms are as that would take a lot of the worries away,sadly it seems to be the way that you have to find out for yourself.

Take care


So y

29-02-08, 08:22 PM
Hello sweetie

Yes anxiety can cause all those symptoms--I have experienced them myself.
If a person has a dizzy problem because of labs/vn or any other vestibular woe
it can only increase the anxiety--put things up a notch. They feed on each other
as was explained to me by my doctor.
If your anxiety is really affecting your day to day living maybe it is wise to see
your general practioner and get some answers. Also CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy)
will help you learn how to cope with the anxiety.
I totally understand dear what you are going through. I have suffered from anxiety
and panic attacks since young. Some of us are just genetically wired this way it can
suck big time---but we have to learn coping skills and try not to let the anxiety monster
take hold of our lives. There is a natural remedy called Bachs Rescue Remedy which
come in drops or a spray which seems to help some people. They can be bought at
a health store or pharmacy.

I wish I had a magic want to wave over you and make you all better---

29-02-08, 09:21 PM
Hi Anz - I am so sorry you suffer with anxiety, I think most of us do too. I understand a lot of your feelings. Since this, I notice every little ache and pain and sometimes become obssessive over them. I too feel that something is terribly wrong with me and sometimes, at 25, I think I will not live to see other things. These thoughts can sometimes be constant as well. When I panic or the anxiety sets in, I also notice that my dizziness becomes worse and have a faint nausea feeling. I don&#39;t know what is related and what is not and I have not done anything for the way I feel. It is good that you post on here, I am sure, and I do hope you feel better and find these answers reassuring! Anytime you would like to chat, feel free to pm me. Hope you are well!


29-02-08, 09:58 PM
i feel the same. dizzy, shaky legs and etc. today i bent down to look for a book in my bookcase and i got so dizzy that i was afraid to move. i just stood there, then i tried to walk and almost fell. now the rest of day is ruined. it will stay with me all day. i will worry about it all day.
you are not alone, so try and take it a day at a time.

14-04-08, 12:05 AM
Mine doesn't. I said **** off to my anxiety 2 months after I've got this illness and transferred it to anger then to motivation to get better.
I supposed anxiety was around 50% of the problem. I've got rid of it mostly, mainly by provoking it (this is not medical advice by the way and I do not recommend it)
I wish could get rid of tinnitus and the rest of dizziness and nausea I still got in me, but unfortunately I can't control my psychical body fully, but not agreeing to having anxiety and not going into depression definitely helped.
Anxiety is definitely caused by our minds and obviously, we all can control our minds, so just get rid of it style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif