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17-06-08, 01:31 PM
Has anybody had success with Betahistine and been even slightly relieved of their symptoms

17-06-08, 03:09 PM
I took it for 3 weeks and for me it didn't do a thing. I took 3 x 8mg a day. Now i just don't take anything and still feel the same.

17-06-08, 03:35 PM
I am the same. been taking it about 4 weeks. However someone on the site says it takes 4 to 5 weeks to kick but not sure if that is official. hate taking prescription stuff anyway though to be honest.
Too many side affects I find

17-06-08, 04:34 PM
I took it for several months and really dont think it made a difference..it also gave me terrible headaches
Ive moved this thread for you into medicine, so hopefully more folks will see it;)

Dizzy Di
17-06-08, 05:12 PM
Hi Louise

I have been on Betahistine 3 x 16mg tabs per day for about 3 months now.
I found that they were the only tablet that has given me any relief, but it is not always the same for everyone, for some Stemetil works, but it gave me terrible side effects.
I am usually terrible at getting all the side effects that medicine gives but these don't appear to be giving me any issues, although I suffer badly from reflux and don't know if these contribute to that.
It took me about 4/5 weeks before I really felt the benefit of them, and some people suggest that it is not a good medicine to be on long term,because it stops you from compensating, but when it appears to be your only option you grab at it with both hands.

Love Dizzy Di

17-06-08, 07:07 PM
I took it for about 10 weeks 16 mg x3 times per day had no effect and I felt very tired HOWEVER I did lose weight which was the most positive thing happening for me at the time! It is being marketed for weight loss in the US. The consultant I saw advised me to stop taking it - it has been shown in clinical trials to help in Menieres .

17-06-08, 08:00 PM
I took it a while back for about 2 months but it never did anything for me at all, I may as well have been taking a vitamin or eating a sweet because i had no effects from it at all

18-06-08, 06:47 PM
Just for the record, I was prescribed it when i went private and got it on a private prescription, i was scared when i went to the chemist thought it might 50 quid or something. 3 quid thats all it is for 64 tabs, so if it really worked I think the nhs would be giving us all this!

19-06-08, 02:29 PM
It has been shown that is can be helpful in Meniere's (definitely not the magic cure...), but there is no evidence that it is helpful in any other vestibular disorders. Despite the lack of evidence, doctors in the UK and Europe tend to prescribe it for any and all dizziness.

Serc is not FDA-approved in the USA for dizziness, weight-loss or anything else. The generic form, betahistine hydrochloride can be obtained from a compounding pharmacy or ordered from Canada. We have had a few patients who found it helpful for Meniere's symptoms.

Betahistine for Meniere's Disease (http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/treatment/serc.html)

20-06-08, 02:33 PM
I have taken it for about 5/6 months now!! was just on 8 mg 3 times a day and thought t helped- i stopped taking it for a few days and ( had a spinny attack) so started them again just today though i am to up it to 16mg 3 times a day- i'd say they work for me personally were as the stemitil didnt


21-07-08, 09:19 AM
Hi Louise,

Yes I tried Bethastine, Stemitil, Cinnizine, Serc and another one which I cant spell. However, I found all of the above completely ineffective despite taking some of them for a good couple of months. I got more effects from acupuncture but I have still found that nothing has worked help ease the symptoms.

05-08-08, 11:27 AM
I have been on Betahistine for many years 16mg 3x daily. I was told it was it had a cumulative effect so it will take a while to kick in - I was told in can help reduce pressure in the ear(?). When I am bad I take Stemetil too. I was told they work in conjunction with each other.

I was always having a feeling in my stomach of being windy/nauseous so was eating something (anything in fact) to try to settle the windiness - result is I am as big as a house (so I feel anyway - I am just under 5' high and am a 'large'16 size - sometimes 18).

When I have had a minor eipsode I take Stemetil too, I find the 'windy' feeling eases so I don't need to resort to food.

I am apparently a Vestibular Neuritis victim.

Recently I got myself a lightweight (and pretty:p) walking cane - I don't lean on it - just use it to remind myself to place my foot correctly on the ground and make sure I am properly upright and balanced with head in the correct position before I put my whole weight on my 'affected' side.

05-08-08, 09:10 PM
I have taken Betahistine and Stemetil both together and separately and I definitely found that Stemetil worked much better for me. Apparently its not a good tablet to be on long term as apart from prohibiting VRT it can also give you Parkinsons in later life.

Betahistine did help a bit, I think its just a matter of finding something that suits you personally.


05-08-08, 11:19 PM
I was prescribed betahistine by my gp, I had been taking stemetil & cinnarazine but saw a different gp who thought betahistine would be worth a try. It made me feel really dizzy though, I took it for a week during which I watched hardly any tv as it made me so dizzy but I could bend down & move round in ways that normally brought on dizziness. After a week I went back to gp asked if it was worth continuing & he said to come off them if it made me feel that bad.
I've only been taking the stemetil when I've been feeling really bad but no gp or consultant has mentioned that it hinders recovery. Thank goodness for this site for the info it gives else I'd probably be on 3 a day every day!

21-08-08, 01:51 PM
only thing it did for me was lighten my wallet style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif

Emily the Strange
21-08-08, 02:03 PM
<span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%"><span style="font-family:Verdana">I was on Prochlorazine/Stemetil for two or three weeks, it didn't do anything for me. Then I went on to Betahistine/SERC and it's not doing much either, it does make me lose some weight so in that respect I quite like it.</span></span>

21-08-08, 07:17 PM
I have taken betahistine for 10 months now, two a day. I also find I lose weight when I am taking it. (almost a stone!) I thought it wasn't doing much to help my condition either, but recently cut the dose to 1 a day and have had the nausea and spinning return so I am back to 2 a day for now...