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17-06-08, 04:18 PM
Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with BBPV about 3 years ago and have recurring episodes. I have never had an Epley done in the doctor's office (they haven't yet figured out which is the bad ear) but I do Brandt-Daroff every day, which seems to help. When the BBPV is really bad I have true vertigo (i.e. sensing motion that is not actually happening), but more often than not, I have "off days" where I just feel really bad without actually getting any spinning (thankfully!). This typicially includes sensitivity to motion and noise, the "brain fog" associated with vertigo, a feeling of mild nausea/stomach upset, and incredible tiredness. All I want to do is go to sleep, I yawn uncontrollably, and the simplest things require a huge effort.

Does this happen to anyone else with BBPV or does it sound atypical? I also wonder which is the cause and which is the result - is the BBPV causing the exhaustion or is exhaustion causing the BBPV? Or is it just a vicious circle?

Thanks to all.

17-06-08, 07:47 PM
Hi rhody

wow, have you been doing the brandt daroff every day for 3 years? the inner ear canals are lined with tiny hairs which have minute calcium particles attached to them called octonia. bppv is caused by some of these octonia becoming unattached to the hairs and lying loose in one of the inner ear canals, this then upsets the balance system and the ear sends false signals to the brain about where you are in space, this causes spinning which lasts up to 2 minutes at the most. the spins are associated with head movement and things like turning over in bed or leaning over a wash basin in a hairdressers etc. the brandt daroff should only be done for a couple of weeks, its designed to try to move the octonia to a better place. who diagnosed you? normally they can tell which side is affected by which side brings on the spins when you turn to that side also the direction of nystagmus helps to tell them as well. tiredness is not the cause of bppv but being dizzy does cause fatigue for some folks. if you havent seen a balance specialist then ask your doctor for a referral to a neuro-otologist or a otoneurologist. you would also benefit from seeing a vestibular trained physio who can tailor some exercises to help your balance. hope this helps a bit. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

17-06-08, 09:09 PM
Hi Agnes,

Thanks for your reply. I was originally diagnosed with BBPV by my GP. Since then I have had an Emergency room doctor diagnose me with BBPV, along with another GP as well as an ENT. All have said it's BBPV. However, throughout all of these diagnoses I have wondered if BBPV is really what I have. I definitely have bouts of severe dizziness that can last a couple of minutes, but what is equally troubling are the days where I have what I would describe as mild, low-grade dizziness that lasts for hours and is made worse by movement, and the "brain fog" feeling, which can get very bad. Plus the exhaustion that I mentioned.These symptoms can last all day and go on for a week at a time, with only small breaks. I have read a lot about BBPV and I know that I don't fit the bill exactly, because of BBPV being characterized by short bouts of vertigo. I asked my ENT about this and he said that the "off days", when I feel bad but not absolutely terrible, could be caused by a small number of otoconia in my canals (as opposed to a larger number, which would cause severe vertigo).

So, all of that is to say that 4 doctors (3 GPs, 1 ENT) have said I have BBPV, but I'm still not entirely convinced. Do my symptoms sound like something else? I'd love to know if other people with true BBPV have the same symptoms that I've described.

As for the Brandt-Daroffs, I would say I've been doing them daily for about 10 months. 1 set before bedtime, as a preventative measure. My ENT said that there was little evidence that this helps, but it doesn't hurt. I've experimented by not doing them and the frequency of my episodes does seem to increase when I stop. So, I try to keep it up.

18-06-08, 07:51 PM
hi rhody

with bppv you can feel lightheaded between attacks and have the brain fog etc. have a look in our links section at a post called bppv explained, it will take you to a site which explains bppv perfectly as well as treatment etc. hope this helps.style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif